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‍‍‍‍‍‍Copyright © 2016 Clan Lab T‍‍‍esting Ltd. All rights reserved.


Hamish Williams

Founder of Clan Lab Testing, Hamish brings 10 years experience in the New Zealand Police working in specialist units such as The National Clandestine Laboratory Response Team (NCLRT) and Special Tactics Group. He is trained in the assessment, examination and dismantling of Clandestine Drug Laboratories and has attended over 200 methamphetamine labs for the purpose of evidential processing.

Having given expert evidence in the High Court relating to items located in Clandestine Drug Laboratories, coupled with his knowledge and experience regarding safety and identifying hazards in methamphetamine labs, Hamish has been asked to use his expertise and provide training to both Police members and external agencies nationwide.

In addition, Hamish was a memb‍‍er of the Auckland Armed Offenders Squad, dealing with high risk offenders, predominantly with connections to illicit drugs and firearms and has been present at New Zealand homes while methamphetamine production is occurring.

email hamish@clanlab.co.nz‍‍‍    mobile 022 381 5450‍‍‍

Martin Donnelly

15 years experience in Property Management as a Property Manager and part business owner for the last five years, coupled with having been a landlord himself, Martin understands only too well what it means to want to protect one of your biggest assets.

He has personally witnessed the aftermath and effects of Meth Contamination, what this can mean for your rental property, and how a positive test can derail a marketing campaign when selling your home.

Martin's extensive knowledge can assist you in making an informed choice around testing, recommend which one is appropriate and offer advice when it comes to navigating the Residential Tenancies Act.

Acting proactively and arming yourself with knowledge means you are prepared, you will ‍‍‍know the status of your property, whether it be for your peace of mind, new tenants or prospective buyers.

email  martin@clanlab.co.nz      mobile  021 422 145